Back in my schooldays acting the fool days
One and one and one makes three
And a man said, kid come and cut yourself a piece of the big time
Armour clad forces riding Trojan horses
Never made sense to me
I didn't wanna be part of the great debate on moonshine
Stop pay the price, they said to me
Take this advice, your out of your head
Said stop hold the phone, this has to be
Cut to the bone. Too bad I see red
I see red, I see red, I see red
When the sly man twists and he tumbles
He always lands on his feet
And he sets his face towards the far horizon
Want you come this way can't you go that way
But this rhythm don't miss a beat
'Cause he's doing everything he can to keep surviving
Stop pay the price...
So who wants a riot, people should be quiet
Don't give them good TV
You can learn to love your lifetime of distraction
Nothing on the inside, nothing on the outside
All the way from a to z
I can live without that kind of satisfaction
Stop pay the price...

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