Show me anyone
The patient is gone
It hasn't been breathing since
(it learned right from wrong)
Any innocent
[got his] contempt
This is why children sing
[Love meant]

Are you dying yet
Remember to forget
Like I do, like I do
[And] you've got what you spent
One hundred percent
Of nothing's

Make my life unsafe for living
Your diamonds are dirt
I'd much rather hurt
Than have all your [attic shirts]

[Breathe] [da-da lah-da-dah]
If you want forever
Well fuck you baby

Is it paper or bullets and walls
When it could be possible

Every little [wing]
Looks for something
But no one
Knows [one]

I got governments
I got continents
This is [important]
Baby come on
Get on
Ah-hah, ah-hah
Ah-hah, (ah-hah)

(ah-hah), (ah-hah)

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