Hesitation's dangerous
You move while you taste dust
Life is coming for us
[and] love's had resistance
Flawless you are in the distance
Oh, Brilliance shall we dance

You love like your under cameras
Photography will damn us
I think that you think that you're famous
If you're alive you just have to be fearless

Light me some serious [steps]
To burn in this meaninglessness
We'd [just] return
But our lives just [repaid] us
Is it all we can be
Just to be us

And no one uncovers any
Original sin-cerity
We just dance with our history
A [pity] what it should be
Here comes the silence to kill me

Yesterday I noticed I love you
I'm holding my life like a weapon above you
I have no more words, I've spent them
If we wanna dance, we'll have to invent them

Are we [stuffing the nothing with this]
Sometimes we dream we're imagining it it
All that is real is the [spin and the swing of the sea]

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