Last night I saw you standing on the corner of the street
But when I saw you there you didn't seem to care the company that you keep
For seeing what I saw you do was wrong as it could be
I don't know what you said but the things you did broke a heart inside of me
I don't mind you're flirtin' with the strangers that you meet
I don't mind the whistles that they give you on the street
But holding you and kissing you when you belong to me
I love you anyhow but can't trust you now farther than my eyes can see
[ guitar ]
Someday maybe I'll forget the wrong you've done to me
And we'll be together then the way we used to be
But my believeing in you now will be hard to know
It's not so much for what you did it's why that hurts me so
I don't mind you're flirtin'...
Farther than my eyes can see farther than my eyes can see

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