[Intro: Bumpy Knuckles]
Yo...It's Bumpy Knuckle's yo
Yo DJ let's bring it back
It's Freddy Foxxx yo..I'm on that Bullshit again
I'm on it, I'm sorry
[Freddie Foxxx a/k/a Bumpy Knuckles]
Yo..Keep it real, are you really that Ill?
You should of took the time to stop them Rebuild
You know Bumpy Knucks can Pop when I feel
These niggaz on the Mic ain't keepin' it real
Somebody tell 'em "There is a battle on the Battlefield"
I take the lean Vocal out, turn the stage into a minefield
BOOM!, now I see DOOM!
To all of these Rakim fans in the motherfuckin' room
Sorry for the let-down but here are the facts
Eric B wanted Nas, Ra said he was "Wack"
Jesus Christ was Black, So Nas you ain't 'Gods Son' cause he won't do the track
I'm tellin' you fact, test many wit the Testimony when the Trumpets blow
I'm the Third seal Black Horse, ya'll already know
A lot of people can't understand the Beef we got
And since I brought it to the God, now the streets is hot
It's too bad you ain't hungry to eat me Pop
Cuz alot of people hope you can beat me Pop
Yea they want me to fall to the Rap Messiah
Who said Bumpy Knuckles is just a Compulsive liar
You're R the A to the K-I-M
Nigga you ain't even harder then 'lil K-I-M
Hear my Vocals strainin', I bought the 'Master'
That album was a total Hip-Hop disaster
The Musical Massacre and the Punisher
The same wack rhyme flow on every one of them
Yea I heard you tried to spit 'Militia 2G'
And couldn't out-rap 'Guru' and 'Dub C'
I can't name a phrase that was rarely heard that you flipped
(None!) and made a daily word (C'mon!)
I can get iller than Gnomes, spit you a bomb
The Government'll hunt me like a Saddam
Yea I can start walkin' from Compton to Bayside
He still ain't in the Studio, I love to hear Dre Side
Supreme Magnetic, goin' to Rally's
Bill Blast kept your name up on all the Alley's
At least you could of signed even though you don't pay well
I guess ?*Burt Nodella*? had way more Brain Cells
Yea it's kinda deep for the fans I'm guessin'
Peace to the Gods that lived their Lesson
How could Bumpy Knuckles be mad or even jealous?
I remember Pork Hot Dog wit extra Relish
Kid Wizard on straight Path and he told ya'll
He was tryin' to go Stony-Brook and play some Ball
C'mon, let me tell you niggaz 'bout some Legendary shit
These niggaz ain't Legendary if they don't spit
Not only in the Studio but Live on Stage
Stop Lip-Synchin’ Vocals dawg cause we're outraged
Yea I'm outraged dawg cause Bumpy is a fan
A Voracious ass nigga wit the Mic in his hand...

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