С табами

A Dream in The Light
A Modest Proposal (the Long Underwear Song)
All The Time in The World
At The Elbe
Big Italian Rose
Cranes Over Hiroshima
Cranes Over Hiroshima (с табами)
Crossing The Charles
Dancing Light (с табами)
Death in Disguise
Denmark 1943
Diamonds of Anger
Dig a Hole in The Ground
Every Man
Everything Possible
Face at The Window
Father's Song
Fifty-nine Cents
Friends First
Gonna Get a Grant
Guinevere And The Fire
Hot Frogs on The Loose
I Didn't Know
I Will Stand Fast
If i Were a Moose
If i Were Taken Now
Jimmy Come Lately
Larry The Polar Bear
Leslie is Different
Letter From May Alice Jeffers
Light in The Hall
Lost That Pretty Little Gal of Mine (to Title Ix)
Love's Gonna Carry us
Mistaken Identity
No Limit
No More Vietnams
Peace is
Rodney King's Blessing
Scott And Jamie
Scrambled Eggs And Prayers
Simple Living
Smile When You're Ready
Stand up
Talking Wheelchair Blues
The Dancing Light
The Distance
The Heart of The Appaloosa
The Hills of Ayalon
The Hug
The Hug Song
The Last Time i Had Autumn
The Marine's Lament, Or, The Pink Peril
The Other Side of The Wood
The Peace Dragon
This Love
Three Mile Island
Too Many People
Willie's Song