Ooh, ooh, ooh

Swearin' to God
There's nowhere else on earth I'd rather be
Mmm, swearin' to God
You make me see, so I believe in Thee

Oh, you've been fillin' my cup
Till I'm runnin' over with joy from Your heaven-sent love
Just touch me again, I'm king of all men
And rainin' from above

Swearin' to God (Swearin' to God)
You're a mistress of the world and all I am (Don't tell the angels)
Swearin' to God (Swearin' to God)
You're where I want and paradise begins

No one gets me up there like you can
But, girl, you know I'm only human
And I'm swearin' to God (Swearin' to God)
So glad He's given me you

(I was born for you, baby) Girl, ain't you glad we made it
(Made to give my heart and soul to you, baby) I'm so very glad you gave it

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