Artist: Frank Zappa
Title: The Central Scrutinizer
Sometimes when you're not looking he just sneaks up on you. He looks
like a cheap sort of flying saucer about five feet across with a snout-like
megaphone apparatus in the front with two big eyes mounted like
Appletons with miniature motorized frowning chrome eyebrows over them.
Along the side of his disc-like body are several sets of stupid-looking
headers and exhaust hoses which apparently propel him and punctuate
his dialogue with horrible smelling smoke rings. In the middle of his head
we can see an airport wind sock and constantly twirling anemometer.
The bottom of him has a landing light and three spoked wheels.
In spite of all this, it is obvious that the way he really gets around is by
being dangled from place to place by a union guy with a dark green
shirt up in the roof who is eating a sandwich (pieces of which drop off
every once in a while and lodge themselves near the hole where they
put the oil in that makes the cheap smoke).
He hovers into view and speaks to us thusly...
Central Scrutinizer:
This is the CENTRAL is my responsibility to enforce all
the laws that haven't been passed yet. It is also my responsibility to alert
each and every one of you to the potential consequences of various
ordinary everyday activities you might be performing which could
eventually lead to *The Death Penalty* (or affect your parents' credit rating).
Our criminal institutions are full of little creeps like you who do wrong
things...and many of them were driven to these crimes by a horrible force
called MUSIC!
Our studies have shown that this horrible force is so dangerous to society
at large that laws are being drawn up at this very moment to stop it forever!
Cruel and inhuman punishments are being carefully described in tiny
paragraphs so they won't conflict with the Constitution (which, itself, is
being modified in order to accommodate THE FUTURE).
I bring you now a special presentation to show what can happen to you if
you choose a career in MUSIC...The WHITE ZONE is for loading and
unloading only...if you have to load or unload, go to the WHITE ZONE...
you'll love's a way of life...Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha...Hi, it's me, I'm back.
This is the CENTRAL SCRUTINIZER...The WHITE ZONE is for loading and
unloading only...If yah gotta load, or if yah gotta unload, go to the WHITE
ZONE. You'll love's a way of life. That's right, you'll love it, it's a way
of life, that's right, you'll love it, it's a way of life, you'll love it. This, is, the

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