Carrie baby, bless my stars
You're my venus
stay right there where you are.
Here comes Mars.
Carrie baby, take my hand.
There is one thing
that you must understand.
I'm your man.
Thank you baby for all that I have
I love you baby.
I aint lyin' theres no denying
Carrie baby, when I'm alone
and you're not there
I'm just like a dog with no bone
Come on home.
Carrie baby, so much fun
Yes I know I'm a lucky
son of a gun
Cause I'm the one.
Thank you baby
for all that I am
I love you baby
If I'm lyin, then I must be flyin'
Carrie baby
Bless my stars
You're my Venus
Stay right there where you are
Here comes Mars.
Here comes Mars.
(Repeat and fade)

Thanks to frn

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