Verse One:
'Member Mossy, 'member the sweet dreams 'Member the cocoa leaves, 'member Sega Genesis Now we live in love like Genovese, stash twenty G's ease Crib in Belize please, forever cheese Crib all fresh high-tech nigga, art deco In the villa room, sippin Demi Sec, ohh? Seperate the classiest from the nastiest bugs, on some ninety-six ill sh~t Niggaz used to rock Swatches and style 'member? Now they 'bezle on the Rolexes chips like December in Havana, the Cabana, Copa Now Fox is flippin more chips than Oprah Lizard skin sofa, ice flooded Don like Imelda Marcos, the Donness, I be the peron pure precon foot action Tone like the Braxton, Fox nigga get your smash on

No one's gonna love you, the way I do Nobody, I can love you better No one's gonna love you, the way I do Nobody, baby your best bet is me

Verse Two:
It was the floss thang, for them niggaz to thug walk thang and for the chips, Reeboks and New York thang Small thang, and to the hottest, Goddess Caramel skin-tel, try this, and die the hardest Heartless, it was cool to shoot skully He's remind me of something like R. Kelly Back in the days, maxes and cresses Now it's 6's with chrome rellies, and BBSes Undress this, no deal, no skills off this and from where I was holdin, before this Bad chick before all this, peep the wrist action Fendi sell ices around the bezelle No sale, suited up in Bendel, Boogie Oh well, could tell, I floss well, uhh Peep the hustle, steamed shrimps and mussels Lampin, in the Hamptons, quarter mile from Russell's

Repeat Chorus

Verse Three:
If we was all Don like DeMarco, runnin crazy niggaz, won't be haters, ballin, like briqueze Presedential suites at Ramada, in Nevada Cheese like Ricotta nigga, bet I'm droppin twenty G's on roulette, playa, what you bet? The Cris have a nigga trippin wet, uhhhh Seven figs on a bet, 84 be 48 Five on the plate, high stake, indo Bet they went from Pujos to pushin Benz-o's Dippin on a van whip with the dipped Lorenzo's The sassiest, mahogany Brown Switch from, rockin lottoes to coppin movados Peep the mix like mulatto, feel on Tryin to chill on the ville sit back and get these millions Yeah, now you ballin, please Your stash wasn't swollen till my dough started rollin

Repeat Chorus

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