Nigga uh..Yeah..
Nigga uh.. Let's take a look into my life
See what I feel
At the age of 14
Introduced to coups
Learnin' how to seduce niggas
Takin' their loot
Got involved with this money like that
The finer things those kind of things
Power money cars and diamond rings
The nice gravy flaunt it
The gucci groups with the G's on it
A high price for this high price life
While I'm on tour is my man cheatin' just to spite?
And if you only knew I hold my mace and knife
She burned her with the hands could hold me right
My girls ain't same guess it's since the fame
Bitches smile in my face then throw dirt on my name
Mad 'cause I made it
Now friends intimidated
Hate it that I'm in the same game as them with more fame than them
They know who they are this life is no joke
I was happier broke
It was my sister
We used to dream together
How we could make it real big
Do our thing together
Thelma and Louise together, remember them days?
The niggas we played
Now we don't even speak
Went our separate ways
Separate lives
Lost friendship for pride
Playin' a game about to forfit
High prices life- I can't aford it
My life
Do you feel what I feel?
My life
The black girls are they in my life?
Do you see what I see?
Have you been where I been?
Can you go where I go?
My life
Do y'all know what it feels like?
Do y'all know how it be like?
Do you see what I see?
Have you been where I been?
Can you go where I go?
Uh.. daddy's girl
In his wildest dreams
Did he think that little Ing
Would be the illest in this rap thing?
Age 4- in my mother's shoes swore I could sing
And even as a little girl
I was doin' my thing uh
Confused, I ain't ask to be born
Nigga's so dumb shoulda used a condom
Ask mommy every day when daddy gonna come?
But he never showed up
I repent for them
Became demented then
Men? Resented them
Just the scent of them made me hurl
Especially the baller ones tryin' to buy my the pearls
All I needed was love, all I wanted was love
Lack of love had me fall for thugs
The niggas who didn't care just like Dad
If he didn't care, why should they?
For this high priced life this is the price I pay
With my girls across the world
I feel what I feel
Hearts bruised then
Been where I been keep it movin'
Let him do his thing
I'm the one he's lovin'
I'm here to show y'all that havin a kid ain't meanin' nothing
That won't keep him
Especially if he's in love with another chick
Then you stuck with the baby mother shit
Don't be lovin' niggas more than yourself
Let them roam
A dog will always finds his way home
Shit, y'all don't wanna take my place
Catchin' cases
Spittin' in faces I've never seen
Falsely accused
By some say it's rude
But if I was a dude they'd all be amused
But I'm a woman so I'm a bitch
Simple as that
Double standards
Call him a mack, call me a ho
Say I'm in it for the dough
But tell me, what the fuck he in it for?
Wanted it all now it's all mine
Lonliness, sorrow, confusion and pain
Nightmares, headlines- rapper found slain
If it wasn't for my mom I'd drown in this pain
Now y'all see what it's like
Y'all don't wanna be me
'Cause it ain't always what seems on TV
Shit, but this is my 9 to 5 y'all
Sometimes I wanna slit my wrists and end my life y'all
Nigga uh, nigga uh
[To Fade]

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