I got this from a foreigner "best of" album

Well I'm....

Hot blooded...check it and see
I got a fever of a hundred and three
Come on baby, -do ya' do more than dance...?
I'm hot blooded, hot blooded

You don't have to read my mind to know what I have in mind
Honey, you ought to know
Now, you move so fine...let me lay it on the line
I wanna know what you're doin'..after the show
Now it's up to you...we can make a secret rendezvous
Just me and you...I'll show you lovin' like you never knew...that's why I'm

Repeat Chorus

If it feels all right....maybe you can stay all night
Should I leave you my key?
But you've got to give me a sign...some kind of sign...
Tell me, -are you hot, mama?...You sure look that way to me
Are you old enough? -Will you be ready when I call your bluff?
Is my timing right? -Did you save your love for me tonight? Yeah, I'm

Repeat Chorus

Now it's up to you....we could make a secret rendezvous...
Before we do...you'll have to get away from "you know who"!! Well, I'm

Repeat Chorus

I'm a little bit high...you're a little too shy
You're making me sing...for your sweet, sweet thing...
Hot blooded...

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