Have you got Miss Fortune, she's the daughter of rich parents,
All she does is cry. One four-letter word is all she wants
But you can't buy love so there's no supply.
Will you take young Master Charge, the boy who's living well
Beyond his father's means. (Happy families.) See his mother
Kill herself with work to keep her dandy in the latest jeans.
(Happy families.)
Happy families is a kid's game. Happy families is your main
Aim. It starts out with a dealing in the middle of the night,
And ends up with a full house if you play your cards out
Right. Mum says Dad is cheating, you should see the grown-ups
Fight for happy families, the game that's sure to please.
Have you got young Master Race the bigot son who, like his dad,
Is fooled with fear. (Happy families.) Not so much a sun,
More of a stormtrooper, to burn the books when Dad's not here.
(Happy families.)

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