I made a wish on a shooting star once
But it’s been so long, never did believe it
Til you showed up there, and proved me wrong
Everyone is here n’ they’re all cheerin’, the end of another day
Woa-o-o-oah, Oa-o-o-oh!

It’s Friday night, everyone’s asleep, and now we’re walkin’ home
Our shadows grow underneath the streetlights til they’re overgrown
A perfect end to a perfect night, and I feel so alright
Woa-o-o-oah, Oa-o-o-oh!

One, she makes me feel not-
Two, much like anything, that’s-
Three, times more than I’ve ever felt before, and it’s-
One, a.m. and I’m- Two, sucked in, cuz it’s-
Three days later, I can’t stop thinkin’ about you

Call up your friends n’ let’s go down to the beach
Bring your stereo and all your favorite CDs
We’ll bring all the guitars, sit on top of our cars
And sing the night away just like rock star
It’s wide-open, everyone’s scopin’, hopin’ to have a night where nothin’ gets broken
I will believe in you tonight
Oh, I’ll believe in you tonight


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