Butterflies Inside You Give Me Butterflies Inside [x3]
[Verse 1:]
All U Gotta Do Is Just Walk Away And Pass Me By
Dont Agnologe My Smile Yea When I Try To Say Hello To You
And All U Gotta Do Is Not Answer My Calls When Im Tryna Get Through
To Keep Me Wondering Why And All I Can Do Is Sigh I Just Wanna Ohh...
I Just Want To Touch And Kiss
And I Wish That I Could Be With You Tonight
You Give Me Butterflies Inside
Inside And I...
[Verse 2:]
All I Gotta Say Is I Must Be Dreaming
Cant Be Real
Your Not Here With Me
I Can Feel U Near To Me
So I Carress You Let U Taste Us
Just So Blissful Listen I Would Give Anything Make My Dream Come True Baby You Give Me Butterflies
[Chorus x2]
If You Will Take My Hand Babyi Will Show You Guide You To The Light Babe
If U Will Be My Love Baby I Will Love U
Love U Till The End Of Time
[Chorus x3]

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