When I see him, I feel him
There's an intenseness
In him, in his eyes
He wants me to be with him
He wants me with him now

She just seems to be missing
How could that happen anyhow?

So how can you say
Well, I don't know what love is
You haven't and you have no time for it
You feel completely indifferent
You feel pushed up against the wall
And then one day it just almost goes away
You spend lots of time alone
Sometimes you spend years
And you just miss those arms that used to go around you

Night after night,
No questions asked and
Who cares, the cold wind of it all, everytime
Well, it's hard to be civil and it's
Real hard to be nice
But you did it, my love, everytime

So how can you say, well, I can't see you
Not now, not tomorrow, not until it's right
Not until
None of us is pushed up against the wall
I don't know, the cold wind doesn't get you anymore

So today she says, "well, I've changed my mind"
That's a woman's right, they say
Well, I'm frightened and I'm lost and I

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