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My Little Demon
Fleetwood Mac
The Dance
By [email protected]
riff 1 riff2
C5 Bb5
E-----------------------* E----------*
B-----------------------* B----------*
G--5-5---3-3---5-5---7-7* G----------*
D-----------------------* D--10---8-8*
A-----------------------* A--10---8-8*
E-----------------------* E---8---6-6*
Sound effects: ooh, ahh, ooh, ahh
Verse 1
(After each phrase play riff1)
My little demon comin' on down-riff1
My little demon's turning me around-riff1
All of my friends, oh, telling me-riff1
That I just ain't the man I used to be-riff1
(Before each phrase play riff2)
riff2-I really don't like it
riff2-Ain't nothin' I can do
riff2-I really don't like it
riff2-I've given it to you
riff 3
Verse 2
(After each phrase play riff1)
My little demon's making me choose-riff1
Makin' me an offer I can refuse-riff1
Hard as a rock dry as a bone-riff1
Big dog, little dog, I'll take ya home-riff1
ooh, ahh, ooh, ahh
Why try to hide it
Fight it,
Fight it!!
Verse 3
(After each phrase there is a bass riff that I can't
tab because I don't know anything about basses)
My little demon,
Is comin' after me
My little demon,
it's all that I can do,
To keep that little demon,
Away from you
That's basically it.

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