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Jumping At Shadows
Written by Dusty Bennett
Performed by Fleetwood Mac
Faithfully transcribed by jeremy sarna

To my knowledge, this song never appeared on an FM album, but
was a staple of their live show while they were still a blues band.
This transcription is based on a 1969 performance at the Boston Tea Party.

GTR 1 (Danny Kirwan) plays changes (slow shuffle)
GTR 2 (Peter Green) solos for two choruses, starting at bar 3
Bass & Drums tacet

G7 C9
What can you say? There isn't much to tell.
G7 A7
I'm going down hill and i blame myself I've been
C9 A7 C9 D9 G7 C9 G7 D9
Jumping at Shadows Thinking about my life

{Bass & Drums enter}

Everybody points their hand at me
I know I'm just a picture
of what I should have been I've been
Jumping at Shadows Just thinking
about my life

{GTR 2 solos for two choruses}

God have mercy I think I'm going insane
The Devil's been gettin' at me
He's got me down again Got me
Jumping at Shadows Just thinking
about my life

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