Oh, you and I
The time we spent together ends too soon
Like sun sets to the moon
So breath my beautiful
I often find that I've been losing time
Cos what you said last night
That play upon my mind
Like thoughts of

You and I
You and I
It goes round my head like a carousel
And round and round my mind
You and I
You and I
I know what to do when I'm not with you
I fill my mind with thoughts of
You and I

You and I
A simple need of love is what you bring
It plays on my hearts strings
Songs of love to be loved
Got me thinking of
Our moments that are gone but will not fade
And we live to be replayed
In my mind overtime
Like thoughts of


Well I know we'll make mistakes
But that's just the chance we take
I hope you’ll never say
Cos I'll never say
Say goodbye

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