a note from keith: (Recorded in New Mexico in 1995 for our first demo with was never released)
a note from Reese: (Thank goodness it wasn't. This song suffers from suction.)

I see a city on a hill,/ I see the only way to be filled,/ mighty rushing wind around us, / Holy Spirit burn within us. / Burn, Burn, Burn. Within us, within us./ Spirit of truth, my eyes deceive me,/ Teach me how to see,/ Ears cannot hear, my mouth is to dry to speak./ You have searched me, you, you know me, there is nothing good inside me./ Purge me, make me clean./ My heart needs courage so burn inside of me./ Burn within our hearts oh God/ Teach me to be still./ Let the tears roll from our eyes,/ all we want is Jesus Christ/ We want to.../ This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine/ This little light of mine, I'm gonna hold it up, I'm gonna let it.

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