Slow sinking feeling
Kills the mood you're conveying
And it pulls me far down below
It might be best if go
Can it not wait and hope for the best
Will it not stop a while to rest
I need to get up, yeah need to get up
Nevermind, cause i, i've done enough

Cause the world waits around
But i keep slipping and losing ground
Do i not try so hard so good
I can't keep changing just because
You think i should

Said all i need to
And you don't understand still
Wish you saw, picture my mind's
Eyes are deep and they're cynical
One, and taken four more
Kills the pain healing that sore
I've, i've taken what's left
I took it all, and now you won't
Let me forget forget forget


Not now or ever
Sink slowly my treasure
Not now or ever
Sink slowly my treasure
In the Quicksand
In the quicksaand, in the quicksand


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