Waking over 12 in my clothes again
Till my head explodes
Coming out of gym
Another 9 hours late

I don't wanna change
Don't wanna be a crack
Gotto get my feet back on the ground
Before I close in

How could it ended up like this
Just don't catch me
When I'm coming down
To hit the ground again

All by myself
(Waking over 12 in my clothes again)
Cause I don't wanna drag you down
Hold you down
Cause you're a friend
I blame myself
(Till my head explodes coming out of gym)
I guess you think it's funny now
Funny now

On the underground
Were the freaks are frownsed
Looking at the wall
2 silver clowns but they all came down

I gotta rise above the emotional flood
Gotta cut these wounds around my hands

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