I stumbled in and I fell straight asleep in the chair
Swear I did
Woke with a start and I thought I saw you floating by
Swear I did
The fixtures and furniture's the same
As the second you walked out the door
But here in my head you put a ghost train
And I can't go 'round any more
And I hear the passengers scream
I'm living in a haunted heart
And I tell myself it's all a bad dream
I'm living in a haunted heart
Too proud to beg you to come back
One more drink, the fairground fades to black
Every night
Days last for years 'til the dark, like a bear,
Puts his claws around my brain
Smack! Bang on time, with your laugh, you walk in
Through the walls around my brain
The curtains and carpets are the same
As the day you dissolved in thin air
Now here I go queueing for the horror ride
Knowing I don't have the fare

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