[Fat Joe]
Yeah, uh, dat gangsta shit!
Shout to my homies out west
The hoo-bangers!
Mack Deezy for Sheezy
All my niggas in the Bronx
Holdin them corners down
Ya heard? Get it right!

[Verse 1: Fat Joe]
Joe cracks back, been a long time comin
No mean to disrespect but a lot of ya'lls frontin
Shook niggas, me and the Squad done took niggas
Flex drop bombs but you seem to overlook niggas
We the nicest in the game, even lifers know the name
Throwin blows like Tyson when he rained
Fuck the ice in the range, I'm tryin to get stocked
Generate mil's so I can buy back my old block
It's like the rap games far from the crack game
Niggas is mad lane (How come?) They act tame
You can tell from my scars life is hard
Shot down in broad day life in front of my Mom's
And the feds never give up, they tryin to kill us
I'm stressed drinkin (?)tearin my liver
Livin my life like I dont care
I'm out to take the throne
My mom's in the window hopin I'ma make it home
The streets is funny peeps'll kill you
Over piece of money, 'specially if you sleepin
And dont keep it gully, I'm from the bronx
Home of niggas that'll stalk you senseless
Dont resent this, I'm knowin that you comprehend this

Its the wild life, niggas done lost they mind
Its the wild life, everybody wanna floss and shine
But could you blame them?
Niggas is brought up with anger
Pops in jail, Moms get tossed up on stangers

Yo its the wild life
Where peeps takin life for keeps
Yo its the wild life
We all brawlin, fight to eat
The enemies and the deeds lurk through N.Y.C
Some of them on they back lookin up
Like "Yo, why me?"

[Verse 2: Prospect]
I never really had a pops
But who the fucks to blame
He did 13, and wonder why the steets my name
And he's my game, cuz I'm the type
To leak your frame, give you a slap
With the cast, you can meet my pain
Defeat I bring, to the nicest rapper you know
I aint a killer but I still might clap
At shooters, you for real here
Niggas be followin with steps
I made my own moves, so the tokers
Could swallow they breath
Acknowledge the best, and do what I did
Like I'm blessed, 7 days in a coma
This is life after death
I'm in it to win, ya heard?
From beginning to end, you could get shot
Even though you once considered a friend
Sometimes my minds driven to win

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