Fastball - Was I out of my head?
E B C#m E7 A E F# B A
E G#m
Sometimes I feel, like I am drunk behind the wheel
A E F# B
The wheel of prosperity however it may roll
E G#m
Give it a spin, see if you can somehow factor in
You know there's always more than one way
F# B E
To say exactly what you mean to say
E B C#m
Was I out of my head? Was I out of my mind?
E7 A
How could I have ever been so blind?
I was waiting for an indication
F# B
It was hard to find
E B C#m
Don't matter what I say only what I do
E7 A
I never mean to do bad things to you
So quiet but I finally woke up
F# B A
If you're sad then it's time you spoke up too
Chorus twice...end on E
Originally tabbed by Joakim Sch?ning
Corrections by Henrik Sollin

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