Whispers of progress in your life,
yet what its worth you cant decide,
its you versus the world now,
a jewel out of place but ill fight your corner,
blindfolded miles away,
never throw the towel into concede.

Is this what you thought it would be?
Lipstick, cards and farewells,
bullets of gold your rays shone,
i take you all for granted,
life in bowl bore straight on,
so good to hear your voice now.

Youre like a visionary of late before your time,
bag on your back you walk the yellow brick road,
and theyll see you cement the cracks,
i never ever thought you would leave like this,
i was trying to kid myself,
because i knew what i would miss,
i miss you in the morning and last thing at night,
i love the way you see things,
you got that view on life so right,
just take it as it comes dear,
is what you used to say,
my minds packed its bags that same day.

Monday mornings, fear the light,
spent half an hour waiting last night,
to get something that i cannot pay for,
its been the same ever since you started out,
now im back again back at the beginning of the end.

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