The local kids wont say whispered words tonight,
encoraging and loud they stick together in a fight,
because thats the way it is, like how its always been,
doorstep mecca, dont tell them what theyre missing,
sling around your neck and theres a hangman by your future,
lowering yourself you wipe the floor and then theyve used you,
you'll knock a sip back, end with a sigh, roll one, ember,
cigarettes through polystyrene.

You walked into that room
and it was you and me, a silence,
everyone else glued,
but it seems some split onto my eyelids,
because when i see you a past is forgot,
luke warm water,
ill bathe then rip it all off again.

All in good time, a dreamer forsees you and i,
with crushing waves that drown us,
this time were going to drown in spite.

You talk i just assumed it was the drink i smelt
on your lips,
echoes fall the broom so pass it here ill sweep the

A look to disguise, enchanted but vacant,
not one alibi, i freeze then melt,
because it seems i made a mistake that i cannot

Have your cake then eat it,
none was left so swallow pride,
looking at a headstone from above began to cry,
speak through gritted teeth for such a waste of life.

You held the wool and i sowed my lips up tight,
your like audrey, youre so beautiful tonight.

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