Let me take you down,
To the Doo Wop Ditty!
You're my lady, you're my doll!
And you're lookin real pretty
As well you know
Lets go down and do the nitty gritty!
Do do do the nitty gritty y'all

Woah oooooh
Woah oooooh

As well you know....
Lets go!
Lets go down...

Woah oooooh

When it's late at night,
And i hold you,
Yes i hold you tight!
Always be mine...
Woah ooh...

Ah fuck...
No sex
No drugs
No rock
No roll

Oh woah

Let me take you down,
To the doo wop ditty,
You're my lady you're my doll,
And you're lookin real pretty!
Well you know!
Lets go down n do the nitty gritty!

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