Everybody likes me
They think I'm crazy
I pull my string and I do my thing.
Two Steps Back
I don't need the acid factories
I've got mushrooms in the fields
Julian* said "How was the gear?"
They don't sell things to you over there
A cigarette goes out when you put it down.
Two Steps Back
Had a look at the free festivals
They're like cinemas with no films
You could make a fire with the seats
You could boil up some [...] dips
Or get into the subway for the icecream to come around.
Two Steps Back
Two Doors Down
I meet my old friends there
They queue up for cash there
They are part Irish
They have no conscience
They get [fatter] by the cracker factory.
Two Steps Back
The cracker factory:
A place where you get into the working routine again.
Rehabs for no hopes
Prefab for jobless dopes.
[ A reference to Julian Cope, who was a roadie for the band. "Gear" is
British slang for "drugs." --Ed.]

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