The magnificent structure straddled the [biv / rib? / riv?]
As I dictated my autobiography to my biographer
When I heard this tune
My title was "Renegade Genius"
But was interrupted much too soon
Was interrupted much too soon
I received this line
From me hath said they received the letter
I handed it [distrit] burned
Up from West Hampstead I visited Keswick
On permission from the guard
I begun like this but could not continue it
When I heard this tune
(It begun like this but could not continue it)
My ears were burned
By this tune
My head swooned
By this tune
The train from London on day of lunacy
Was packed with innocents
Children tended by walkman'd parents
Cretins auditioning
For non-existent parts on TV One
The train was a tube
Within the crushing beauty of the countryside
On the London-Keswick run
([MES in background:
My head burned...burned...da da da ears burned..
countryside has sold phone calls home...
accent all phone calls...ramble..grinning... my ear hole...was dead lucid..some things
like...explosures..of pages turned..shadows..massive thighed
parsifal.. heh heh hackles...try mystic meg..twister...rustic town...

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