Mixer, this close to me
who turns his head
and smiles at me.
And I'm so glad
to be on my salary.
The mixer
In Espanol restaurants
the people downstairs they glare
The mixer sweats
In comic type a letters
The voices are saying
Clap, clap
The mixer
The mixer sweats
The mixer of Jamaican origin
Born, raised in the US*
observes the Victorian prayer
Clap, clap, clap
Clap, clap
The BLBDS is overeasy on the carpets
And the mixer sweats.
[First eqipment line]
[Second equipment line]
The mixer is close to me
He turns his head
and smiles at me**
[spoken] 'It possesses the sort of [?] microphone with RDI [?] pickup
It can produce broad responses, hi-fidelity quality, no feedback and no
howling etc. We can express good sound of your voice, an excellent
melody orchestra, a self-contained filter control, explosive breath
sounds, controlled explosive breath sounds ...... wind noises, in
different locations....'
Mixer sweats
* [In the Peel session version, US is replaced by South Yorkshire --Ed.]
** [In the Peel session version this line is His face is looking / over
at the Insect Posse --Ed.]

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