In year one-nine-nine-six-o-one (the last numeral was upside down),
Johnny Drummer came to the outskirts of town.
People came out and shouted at him. Some people came out and shouted at
him, "Say, show us your sticks." Then they went back to their computer
He'd hit a town with no life, to begin, where they forgot the facts. Two
sticks make up a cross. Why is it always this way? Why do they always
have to
say, "Hey, Johnny, get out of the way."
He looked in the mirror and said, "I am not him." He stood outside a bar
and raised the nerve to go in. The window hosted at least 45 men.
which one was waiting for him. And the boy at the machine meant him no
harm, but to him the boy was staring again at him. The rhythm over in
head again.
Men, boys and girls! Don't ever follow the path of being hard and tough
when your heart is soft.

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