Fat corpora's women
[have to turn] a glass house
And the Arabs have it made
All their women in veils, eyes glazed
Second Dark Age. Death of the USA.
Return of the family.
And the commune crapheads sit and whine
While the commons near my birthplace is now a police college
It's a second dark age.
"Processed life starts monday or any other day. The city is dead.
Plus [...]"
I could join a pray-peace group
Explain it all away
Cause groups can change the world
and meet Ms. Fjord and Benny.*
"Hi I am Benny. Peace trance.
No Czechoslovak groups are barny fools"
I'm mediocre anti-Jew
And single people are screwed
in the Second Dark Age
I am Roman Totale, 17,
the bastard offspring
of Charles I and the Great God Pan.
[ Abba reference. ed.]

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