Paranoid man
In mid 30s
at the height of paranoia
at the zenith of his powers
By bed, replica shooter
zenith dissolving
by his bed replica shooter
in the zenith of his powers
When girls pass, puts his head down, in the street
His neighbors now are listening to this
Shakes in the chemist's
While buying his vits
Puts his head down
when girls pass in the street
Shakes in the chemist
Paranoid man in his late 30s
32, 45
Reaches its summit
Male, mid 30s, white, paranoia
Goes down to the dance
Going down fast.
No heebies, creepies
or hallucinegenics
It's the height of paranoia
Male, white, mid-to-late 30s
Serial Number 54129
Going down to the dance
Going down fast
Leather jacket, baggy black pants
Very clever
Not as good as it was at 2:30
this afternoon
Late to mid 30s
Goes down to the dance
and truth's mental inertia
Mid 30s man in the grip of paranoia
Just like I told ya
Third kareoka.
Cheap shit actor man
The sky calendar,
bar, home,

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