It's a curse
Well thy forsooth
Who is that interesting hack over there?
By Gad, verily
Cracked curse
It's a curse
And I am not unguilty of using it
"You, your tone is....
You tone of everybody"
Trying to bolt out
Trying to get over
Operation mind fuck
"I do not like your tone.
It has ephemeral whinging* aspects."
It's a curse. I am not unguilty of using it.
Waiting for you to f....
Trying to get out.
They are waiting for you, bitterly, to fall over.
It's a curse.
Down their long egg breath
Cheap shaving lotion days
their sandwiches stashed under their side seats
their froglike chins ready to burst
I tell you, it's a curse, it's a burden
Trying to get over bargain vampires
Hey chaps,
I tell you it's a curse
"You, you tone is...."
Trying to get out of
It's a curse
shaft it over It's a curse
That's a burden
Operation Mind-Fuck
Look back bores
Bach and Wagner
All you really need is a good Schwartz
Balti, Vimto and Spangles**
were always crap,
regardless of the look back bores.
It's a curse.
Shaft it over.
Trying to bolt out of.
Waiting for you.
It's a curse.
[* Northern English slang for whining.]
[** balti = a type of Indian cuisine
vimto = an imported Arabic concentrated beverage
spangles = a brand of English candy ed.]

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