Three months
Three years
Three months
Three years
More lectures
Yes it’s them again
You’ve heard blob 59
We’re gonna move on 3 years
Music centre irritant
Get yer suits off
Get yer jeans on
I can seeI have dreams
I was by the fireplace at home
The date was 2010
All england was a university town
All you could get was wine
I do brainless as energy alternative
But I don’t go for this death on a plate stuff
So I’ll cheer you up
Forget the act
Read the lit-crit first
They wouldn’t even know the sun was up
Unless there was a press release on it
Oh dear friends
I can’t continue this
Arthur askey’s just been shot
Maybe we should do a tribute
We’ll do you got to hassle schmuck
Will you let me play
If I patronise you today

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