Her momma's still got that sequin gown that she wore in '68
She taught her early how to smile that smile and wave from
The parade
It took a whole lot of years and tears
For her momma to finally admit
No matter how many stitches and pins
That old dress was never gonna fit

She was daddy's little girl
Momma's little angel
Teacher's pet, Pageant queen
She said, "All my life I've been pleasin' everyone but me,
Waking up in someone else's dream"

Her daddy used to say, "You'll make a lovely bride someday
He'll ride up on a big white horse and just carry you away"
It took twenty-five years and some broken vows
Before they'd finally see
There's a little more to love and life
Than fairy tales and hand me down dreams

(Repeat chorus)

Now she's got twenty-seven candles on her cake
And she means to make her life her own
Before there's twenty-eight

(Repeat chorus)

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