I step in the gas station show my face
Drinking Old English I embrace

(Mike G)
You know that the liquor store
Got what you be looking for
Get a 40oz and pour you some down your throat

Slow and slip
Forget all that shit
Moet hits the wrong taste buds
So I go and get
An 800 drink it
Tic tac in my pocket so my breath ain't stinkin

(Mike G)
Stumble down staggering
But still humble when braggin
To chumps, bout how much I drunk
I'm seein' three of you Snupe

Plus a girl that looks cute
And when a nigga thirsty they know what to do
And it's like that.

*Snupe singing*
When you ready (ready)
Sip up on the rock steady
And when you fiendish (fiendish)
Drink up on the Old English x2

Yeah Yeah, Yeah Yeah

At your local liquor store

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