Police sirens break the air
Theyґre on their way
Riots break out on the streets
Someoneґs got to pay
Why has it got to this
They wonder why
Why canґt they realise
Someoneґs going to die
Theyґre after you
Boys in blue
Boys in blue
Running after you
Police vans screech to a halt
Out jump the law
Chasing youths down the street
Beat them with a stick
You resist, they hit you more
What can you do
Dragged away into their van
So they can bully you
No-oneґs left on the streets
Its quietened down
The problem still exist
Solutions must be found
Tension in the cities
Itґs running high
Itґs going to explode soon
Youґre all about to die
The governmentґs not interested
They donґt care at all
They think that jailing you
Itґs the problem solved
My time in prison I resent them more
Why canґt they face the facts
That their policies are wrong

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