An Outline Of Intellectual Rubbish
Anthropocentric Ecocidal Conundrum
Black Weakeners
Constant Persistance Of Annoyance
Diet For A New America
Disembowelling Party
Ecotopian Visions
Ethos Musick
Facilitate The Emancipation Of Your Mummified Mentality
Get High On Life
Gout D'Belgium
Hopped Up!
Legalize Hemp Now!
My Minds Mine!
Nbreeding Populations
Only Hypocrisy Prohibits Legality
Only Protest Gives A Hope Of Life
Open Season (The Story Of Hunter Slaughter)
Oral Fixation
Reevaluate Life!
Self - Misunderstood Cerebral Masturbation
Societally Provoked Genocidal Contemplation
Spare The Wrench Surrender The Earth
Storm of Stress
Terminal Habitation
The Funk Song
Unintended Lyrical Befuddlement
Wake Up And Change!
Where's Exit 13?