If you sink in the mud, and you're clutching at drugs\ldots Well, the
Lower your feet, the more you'll need. Opportunity knocks like a ship on
The rocks, there is no such thing as a war on drugs. Now there's some
Confusion about the state of illusion. Yet, one man's need means another
Man's greed. Opportunities rhyme like the tusks of a swine, there is no
Such thing as a war on crime. If you believe what you read at the bottom
Of the well\ldots Well, those leaders we'd need\ldots there's so much
More to tell. Opportunities wait like crashing a gate, there is no such
Thing as a war on hate. Now there's the same old spill, with resolutions
In the red. Such a waste, when you can kill time with a party instead.
Opportunities score like a boxer's encore, there is no such thing as a
War on war.

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