It rained in Okinawa, long ago. The rain said she was the umbrella. An
Old Japanese proverb perhaps, but not in Okinawa.
It rained in Okinawa, a while ago. And the clouds, they were full of
Anger. Too many people got too wet, but the most in Okinawa.
It rained in Okinawa, and when it rained it poured. The weathermen shrug
Their shoulders. They never heard of Okinawa. It still rains in Okinawa.
It the melody from Okinawa Mon Amour comes from an Okinawan traditional
Song called Asodoya Yunta, taught to Tom by Tetsuhiro Daiku, a fantastic
Okinawan singer and shamisen player. It is the story of a beautiful young
Woman in Okinawa and a bureaucrat of the occupying Japanese who falls in
Love with her. In the song she refuses him. Today Okinawans are de facto
``Japanese'', a condition they were never allowed to refuse.

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