The image: a woman\ldots helpful\ldots , attending, and handling with
Care. Imagine: a battlefield\ldots with sparse light at lives lost, a red
Cross to bear. The lady with the lamp is what
\item[*] they called her; the country needed heroes, the papers had
\item[*] to sell\ldots The medicines, the lady, the cupboard, the lamp
\item[*] The lock not the key, a light in the hand. The prescriptions,
The wounded, the look through the glass. Demand not supply, a pain in the
Ass. The soldiers in the sickbay, the cupboard for medicines. Its smashed
Front window in demand for supply. The stories from hearsay, the covers
Of the magazines\ldots But the wounded, they knew the papers lied.
The lady without glamour is the lady with the hammer is what she was\ldots
It about Florence Nightingale, founder of the red cross

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