I've got my television, and radio, the record-player, the video; and I
Also have my trombone, synthesizer, my drumkit and my stampcollection; my
Garden, my library and my aquarium; my jet-ski, my waterskis, monoskis;
My speedboat, ultralight-plane and hang-glider; my hedge-clippers,
Vacuum-cleaner paper-shredder, stone-grill; answering- and faxmachine and
Copier and swiss knife; my motorbike, my guard-dogs, my fret-saw and my
Racer; my jogging suit, my mountainbike with triathlon-handle-bar, my
High-pressure spray-gun, micro-wave, my welder; my skate-board,
Rollerskates, ice-skates, hometrainer, fitness-bank and pinball-machine;
Snooker table, laptop, jukebox, my travel-irons, ohm-meter,
Jigsaw-puzzles, pliers-set, dartboard; my telescope and searchlight, my
Swimming pool with 3 meter board, and my bungy jumping outfit, and my
Deck of cards, and magazines\ldots No, I won't get bored that easily,
When I'm on my own.
It based on an extract from ``Swimming with dry hair'', a story by Kees
Van Kooten

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