(music by Lord of Sorrow; lyrics by Prince of Agony)
Darkness surrounds me
When I fall asleep
Silence hurts my ears
Then a wave of emptiness
Push my soul away
I fly
Free from my glove of flesh
A meadow I see
The Sky is grey
Far away to the North
Dark fingers strike the stars
A tree stands proud and tall
The desert is its fellow
Alone it watches the land
It guards the waste of (cold) sand
This lonely form of life
Is only an illusion
It hides a dark reality
It covers a great temple
I float before the gate
I read the known inscriptions
I say the Words of Power
I enter through the passage
"Long stairs descend the Abyss.
They fall in the deeps of this cold land
Where the Lord of Dreams sleeps in death
Dreaming its revenge"

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