(music by Lord of Sorrow; lyrics by Prince of Agony)
Ruins, sign of the past
of this ancient Town
its dramatic end
by Naxyr's Will.
Now it's time to regain
the lost artefact
Jewel of the Jewels
The Astar's Gem.
Dark Powers will help
the souls of the Damned
to retake their land
in the War of the Wars
The Altar is there
the rite may proceed
summoning of
By Night
By Unlight
By War
By Hate
The Force of the Dark Jewel
We ask for our victory
All our hopes will be realised
if our Lord will grant the Crystal to us.
The enemies will have no chance,
we're going to crush their faint bones'n skulls
Hidden by the mantle of the Night, the Dark Dreamers,
Aided by their Lord, will have their final revenge.
"...and the Great Hall was filled by thousands shapes floating above
the ancient altar. Red eyes stared at the bowed humans,
waiting for their Master. And the Master came, majestic as the King of
from the deepest Abyss awaken to help His poor servants..."
The Force of the Dark Jewel
We have for our Victory

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