i can tell you're listening to my summoning by the shaking of the air by the
colds burning stare by the howling of the moon that says you went to soon by
the tremors that i feel by my breat that you steal. coming in loud and
clear i can tell that you are here you're coming in loud and clear. so they
laid you down to rest but not to me i've done my best to bring you back
again in time so once again you will be mine and from the darkness of this
room i will return unto your tomb and i'll close ourselves within so we may
begin again. your apparition has reconfirmed my superstition. there's that
knocking at the door yes i've heard that one before speaking in undusted
tongue say i always was the one choke me on your arid breath plunge me back
into your death now i have you next to me i can fell your undead heart beating.

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