Sometimes you win sometimes you lose
All the broken hearts and the unpaid dues
What you did to me what I did to you
I ain't mad at you boo so what we gon' do?
I just seen you out with ya new man
He's lookin' kinda happy
Feels like somebody just slapped me
My guts in a knot my temps gettin' hot
I want to make that man bleed where he speak not
It makes me kinda mad
I hurt my one true love just like my dad
It's kinda sad cause now my togetha
No need for umbrellas I can see the stormy weatha
I'm goin outside into the rain
I keep sweatin cause I can't house this pain.
We was workin' for years but now i'm jerkin these tears from my lips
To God's
Ears girl I did you wrong
So i'm makin' this song so that you know how I feel
Before i'm keepin' it real
I gotta keep my heart concealed
Now i'm on the side just patiently waitin'
Watchin on you and the time for updatin'
I can't hide from the truth I know the puttin's in the proof
So i stand convicted like all yer friends predicted.
I'd think you'd be surprised on how this ends brotha's
We went from lover's to friends, we'll go from friend's to lover's.
So if that man make you smile, I guess that i'll just accept it, and
Respect it
I'll hit you with this song and let you think about it then i'll just
You alone and be a man about it.

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