Isnt life wounderful? (wonderfuls)
I close my eyes when i get to sad,
I think thoughts that i know are bad,
Close my eyes and then i count to ten ,
Hope its over when i open them,
I want the things that i had before,
Like a star wars poster on my bedroom door,
I wish i sould count to ten and make everyhthing be wonderfull again,

I hope my mom and i hope my dad will figure out why they get so madd,
I hear them i hear them fight,
They say bad words that make me wanna cry,
Close mey eyes when i go to bed and i dream of angles that will make me smile,
I feel better when i hear them say everything will be wonderful some day,
Promises mean everything,
When ur little and the world is so big,
I just dont understand how,
U can smile with all those tears in ur eyes,
When ya tell me everthing is wonderful now,
Na, na-na,na
(please dont tell me everything is wonderful now)
I go to school i run and play,
I told the kids that its all ok,
I have to laugh so my friends wont know,
When the bell rings i just dont wanna go home,
I go to my room and i close my eyes i make belive that i have a new life,
I dont belive u when u say evething will be wonderful someday,
Promises mean everythting
When ur little and the world is so big(so big)

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