Baby go to bed
And put out the light
We both know
If we talk anymore
We are going to end up
In a great big fight

You can have your way again
Yeah you can believe
What you want to believe

You can walk all over me

But tonight
Can we both
Just pretend to sleep

I think we're headed for a big fall
Think we're headed for a bad time

(I'm going to go downstiars
And sit in that chair you like )

I want to put a John Prine
Record on
Yes, I need to slow it down for a while

I wish
We had never bought
A king size bed

The only damn thing
That it's ever been good for
Is plenty room
For the real good sex

I lay in bed in the dark
And all that I can see
Is the distance that
Grows between us
You seem
So far from me

Yes I think we are headed
For a big fall
Think we are headed
For a bad time

I'm going to go downstairs
Im going to sit by myself
All alone
In the middle of the night

I'm going to put a John Prine
Record on
I think we need to slow down

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